China relaunches Made in Italy
"A 35% jump for Beijing purchases"

To thank China in this difficult 2020 it seems out of place, frankly, it is certain that, in terms of support in exports, the best news has been coming for months from Beijing, the market that stands out is that of China, which is growing by 35% (the comparison is with the pre-Covid period), a progress able to almost reset the negative balance of the first 11 months of the year 2020.
(from ilsole24ore December 2020)

Excellence of Made in Italy
Jewelry, accessories, fashion, leather, goods, furniture, food and wine

Made in Italy is the excellence of products that stand out in the world for a high quality level of the materials used, for the refined style, for the innovation, for the attention to detail, for the imagination of the solutions adopted, and for the ability to last over time.

Chinese market analysis
Customization and logistics

Import and export of products (including packaging / promotional material, etc.).
Customs clearance and storage, organization, if necessary, of quality tests (with reference to local requirements) by an authorized body (e.g. NGTC).
After-sales service (such as repairs in authorized laboratories in agreement with the main company).
Organization of local logistics (delivery of the product to the sales network, also to VIP customers).

Positioning and merchandising

Indications on the assortment of products based on market analysis of destination.
Indications of positioning of new products
Indications on the target price suitable for the different regional markets.
Information on store material (store - point of sale - material) suitable for the Chinese market.

Business development

Development of the online sales channel: e-commerce platforms (Tmall / etc.), use of social platforms (red book / Tiktok etc.), live streaming broadcast offline store development (brand owned store), development of the retail channel, development and management of the franchising channel, development and management of the company sales channel recruitment and training and management of sales personnel

Institutional relations

Italian Bloom has been rooted for years in the Chinese and Italian institutional "fabric".
Partner with the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, it works and promotes Italian excellence in collaboration also with the Italian consulates in China.